Futures ACCOUNT types

We accept futures trading accounts from individuals, joint owners, corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies and trusts. Our account forms are available in English, European Spanish, German and Italian.

Depending on the futures account type you are opening, country of origin, citizenship and other factors, you may be required to submit additional documentation. Please submit these additional documents to your broker or fax them directly to our New Accounts Department at 312-795-7948.

U.S. Partnership and Limited Liability Company

You will need:

  • Thoroughly completed and properly signed account forms.
  • Copies of the Partnership Agreement/Operating Agreement and annual state filing. These documents must clearly identify the general partner(s)/member(s) and/or other persons authorized to act on behalf of the entity.
  • A copy of the driver’s license, passport or other government-issued ID of authorized partner(s)/member(s) and anyone with 10% or more financial interest.
  • If requested, other documentation confirming the legal status or business of the entity.

Managed Futures Account

To open a managed futures account, please complete the Limited Power of Attorney form in addition to your account form. In addition, if your account will be managed by a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA), you will need to complete any forms that manager requires.

Foreign Language Forms

All of our primary account forms are available in European Spanish, German and Italian. In addition, the following forms are also available in those three languages:

  • Additional Risk Disclosure
  • Electronic Trading Agreement (Customer Version)
  • Foreign Certification
  • Limited Power of Attorney

Approval Process

After all of your required forms are submitted, our New Accounts Department will review them and inform your broker of any missing pieces of information. Typically, our turnaround on account approvals is no more than two business days. If your account is approved, we will notify your broker with your new account number. (If you trade online, you also will receive notification of your User ID and Password.) Then, you can fund your account and start trading!