About Leese Trading Group

Leese Trading Group, a division of Rosenthal Collins Group, is an ag risk specialist and futures brokerage made up of experienced professionals serving a full spectrum of futures participants Рfrom institutional and professional traders to hedge fund managers, banks, and producers.

Leese Trading Group History

Founded by Eric Leese, Leese Trading Group started in 2002 and is comprised of a team of fundamental, technical, and options strategies experts – with decades of industry experience and a common dedication to customer success.

Clients Served

  • Producers
  • OTC Swap Dealers
  • Institutional Traders
  • Professional Traders
  • Hedge funds
  • Banks

Evolution of Trading

As trading has evolved over the last 10 years, moving from the open outcry trading pits to an electronic format, Leese Trading Group has used the expertise of its team in analyzing how humans previously communicated in the trading pits. The firm then transformed these channels into a streamlined superhighway of business efficiency to ensure uninterrupted success for all of its customer segments.


Key Services

Leese Trading Group provides clients with a single point of contact for clearing, execution, hedging, ag risk management, market commentary, analysis, trading technology, data delivery, and support.

The collective expertise of Leese Trading Group is offered through LTG Ag Insight, an online portal featuring exclusive ag risk commentary and analysis. LTG Ag Insight is available to all Leese Trading Group clients.